Partner Toolkit

Welcome to your resource for everything ArtWave. Here you will find all that you need to promote events in your area, while staying within the established guidelines that convey the ArtWave “look and feel.”

If you have questions concerning the use of these materials, please contact the ArtWave leader for your county, listed below.

ArtWave Wordmark and Templates

ArtWave Wordmark

Print-ready versions of the ArtWave wordmark and tagline available for use in a number of sizes


Use this email template for all ArtWave-related email communications (compatible for use with PCs only)

Poster to Promote Specific Event(s)

A modifiable poster template to create a poster to promote specific ArtWave events in your community


PowerPoint template to use for presentations about ArtWave – promote awareness, specific events and activities

ArtWave Promotional Guidelines

Below are guidelines to help you in leveraging the ArtWave campaign for your promotional needs.

A New Wave of Excitement!

Guidelines for Promoting Your ArtWave Events

ArtWave is a multi-year, cross-county promotional campaign, sponsored by the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Arts & Entertainment Council, to raise awareness about the arts and entertainment options in Saginaw, Bay, Midland and Isabella Counties. By following these promotional guidelines in all your organization’s ArtWave promotions, you are helping to maintain the integrity of the campaign and thereby increase its power to boost awareness of your organization’s events and activities.

The ArtWave campaign focuses on one county at a time, on a predetermined schedule selected to coincide with already-planned activities/exhibitions. The schedule for 2016 is:

  • May 2016 – Saginaw County
  • June 2016 – Midland County
  • August 2016 – Isabella County
  • September 2016 – Bay County

Campaign Hierarchy

It is important that people understand that your local events and activities are part of the ArtWave campaign. Whenever possible, use “ArtWave presents …” before your event name in written or verbal communications. If that is not possible, add the line “This event is being presented by ArtWave.”

Similarly, where appropriate, include this reminder language on promotional materials distributed during a featured event: Did you enjoy this ArtWave event/experience? Don’t miss the other exciting events coming to your community soon! Visit for more information.

Arts, Entertainment … Find It Here.

The approved tagline for use in communications promoting ArtWave is “Arts. Entertainment. Find It Here … in the Great Lakes Bay Region!”  The tagline, when used, must be used along with the ArtWave wordmark or in written reference to ArtWave as it appears in promotional materials.


Please include this boilerplate language on press releases, poster, flyers, programs and other promotional materials or communications:

ArtWave is a multi-year celebration of the broad variety and high quality of arts and entertainment choices in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Each month, ArtWave spotlights events and activities in one of the counties in our Region, promoting awareness and encouraging everyone that great arts and entertainment – from music concerts and museum exhibits to sporting events and film festivals – can be found right here. ArtWave is sponsored by the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Arts & Entertainment Council.

Using the Campaign Wordmark and Templates

Billboards, ads, posters and videos will be created to promote the overall ArtWave campaign and the counties being featured each month. Some of these will be available in our media library (content to come) for use in your own communications or websites.

Participating organizations are encouraged to develop their own promotions for individual events. The ArtWave wordmark is available for use and can be found, print-ready, in our media library. Several versions are available to meet your needs. The ArtWave wordmark may not be altered in any way. Additional graphic components, as well as ArtWave templates, are also available to assist you in developing your own ads, posters, flyers, programs or other communications.

For More Information

If you have questions about these Promotion Guidelines or would like to check that your promotions are following brand standards, contact your county’s ArtWave leader, listed above.

Key Message Slate

By enthusiastically promoting ArtWave, you are helping to broaden the arts, entertainment and educational opportunities for people across our Great Lakes Bay Region. Your county’s regularly-scheduled events and activities will gain additional promotion and exposure through the ArtWave campaign.

In order to ensure consistency in communications about ArtWave, please use the following key messages in your promotion of the campaign or when discussing it with others.

  • ArtWave is a campaign to highlight and promote the vast array of arts and entertainment opportunities available across our entire Great Lakes Bay Region
  • You don’t have to go far – ArtWave will help you discover (or rediscover!) art and entertainment that’s right in your own backyard
  • No matter where you go in the Great Lakes Bay Region, you’re right in the flow of great arts and entertainment. ArtWave will take you there.
  • From music concerts and museum exhibits to sporting events and film festivals – and everything in between – there’s an amazing experience waiting for you
  • Don’t miss a thing! Check the ArtWave website regularly so you’ll stay updated on all the monthly goings-on as ArtWave rolls from county to county.

Download a printable Key Message Slate.

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